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Re: Debugging embeded scheme

From: Linas Vepstas
Subject: Re: Debugging embeded scheme
Date: Sat, 3 Apr 2004 10:05:35 -0600
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On Sat, Apr 03, 2004 at 12:08:46AM -0500, Viktor Pavlenko was heard to remark:
> I don't know how to get backtrace but printing throw_args may help.
> std::string
> obj2str( const SCM& object )
> {
>     SCM fmt = scm_makfrom0str( "~S" );
>     SCM s_str = scm_simple_format( SCM_BOOL_F, fmt, SCM_LIST1(object) );
>     return SCM_STRING_CHARS( s_str );
> }

That actually helped; although the first thing it printed was
("car" "Wrong type argument in position ~A: ~S" (1 135725616) #f)

Given a clue, I took a step back, and used my handy-dandy list printer,
hoping to find a string where 135725616 was, but, no, it really does
seem to be an int.  Actually a pointer, look about right in hex ... 


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