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Re: Packaging a guile-enabled binary

From: Mike Gran
Subject: Re: Packaging a guile-enabled binary
Date: Sun, 2 May 2004 15:58:24 -0700 (PDT)

--- Thamer Al-Harbash <address@hidden> wrote:
> Can you distribute a program linked to guile in binary only? I
> just checked guile-1.6.x is under the GPL and not LGPL so I don't
> see how this is possible, unless you're meeting some of the other
> requirements of the GPL.

Thanks for the info.

When (or if) I finally my little project together, I want to release it
both as source and as precompiled binary.

FWIW, it is legit to use Guile in non-free software.  From the README
of 1.6.4: "The license of Guile consists of the GNU GPL plus a special
statement giving blanket permission to link with non-free software."

So, any patches to Guile itself are to be released according to the
GPL.  But one could deliver a proprietary, precompiled program that
dynamically links to Guile without violating the licence.

Mike Gran

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