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Guile + mailutils

From: Chris Hall
Subject: Guile + mailutils
Date: Thu, 03 Jun 2004 04:18:25 -1000
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I recently ran across, downloaded, built and installed the GNU Mailutils
- they rock!  Of course, I *was* already using 'mbox' for my mailboxes
anyway. ;-D

(I'm posting his here because they don't seem to even have a 'user'
mailing list, and their 'devel' had nothing I found helpful.  Plus, this
where all _real_ guile hackers are, anway, right?)

They provide functions to open and manipulate IMAP, POP and local mail
spools, read, filter, dispose of, etc. messages: 'fetchmail' and
'procmail' all in one cool scheme-y package - woot!

They seem to have made one design decision that I find a bit puzzling -
there appears to be no way to run their executable 'guimb' (GUIle
MailBox?) interactively - if you try, it prints a message saying that
'one of -fecs' is required.  '-fecs' is

I find this puzzling, since how is one to debug scripts, using 'write'
statements?  Heh.  It *is* after all, one's email being processed, so
shouldn't one be as careful as possible?

Never mind how much faster interactive development is, esp. using Emacs
or something as the 'IDE'.

So, does anyone know a of a straightforward way to get mailutils
available from a guile prompt, or am I hoping against hope?

I've already been through the mailutils info files, but didn't find

I'm wondering if there is some sort of evironment variable, flag, or
guile procedure that can be used to 'pop up' the guile repl?interective

Failing that, I imagine I would need to load their library/extension
into guile somehow - is there a 'tutorial' for doing this available
somewhere that somebody could point me at?


Dude, I want my country back. 
-- MooseByte (751829), on Slashdot 29 Apr 2004

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