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Re: sudden snarf-problem

From: Roland Orre
Subject: Re: sudden snarf-problem
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2004 16:53:04 +0200

The problem seems not to be snarf as such, it seems to be me, who
has come to believe that I can declare SCM_PROC over more than one row.
It showed that the actual reason the compiler didn't complain was
that I had changed the compiler to gcc-3.* and this compiler didn't
complain about the missing semicolons in the .x file (usually
I'm running 2.95).

On Sun, 2004-07-18 at 14:10, Roland Orre wrote:
> Suddenly semicolons were missing for each declaration in the
> .x file where the SCM_PROC was declared over more than one line
> in the source.
> Any idea what can be the cause?
> I haven't updated my guile for quite some time, but the system,
> as I'm running debian/unstable.
> The snarf command looks OK:
> /usr/local/guile/guile-1.7/libguile/guile-snarf -o user.x user.c \
>       -DHAVE_CONFIG_H   -O2 -I/usr/local/guile/guile-1.7/include
/Roland Orre

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