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Lose up to 19% weight. A new weightloss is here.

From: Moises Byers
Subject: Lose up to 19% weight. A new weightloss is here.
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004 21:28:10 -0200

Hello, I have a special offer for you...


The most powerful weightloss is now available
without prescription. All natural Adipren720
100% Money Back Guarantée!

- Lose up to 19% Total Body Weight.
- Up to 300% more Weight Loss while dieting.
- Loss of 20-35% abdominal Fat.
- Reduction of 40-70% overall Fat under skin.
- Increase metabolic rate by 76.9% without Exercise.
- Burns calorized fat.
- Suppresses appetite for sugar.
- Boost your Confidence level and Self Esteem.

Get the facts about all-natural Adipren720:

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