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guile-lib update

From: Andy Wingo
Subject: guile-lib update
Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2004 19:26:40 +0100

Howdy coders,

As per our discussion earlier about module hierarchies, I hammered a bit
on my branch of guile-lib. The newest docs can be seen at, but here's a list of
modules and recent changes:

Modules I wrote:

(container nodal-tree)
(container delay-tree)
  Tree structures. The second is the same as the first, but properties 
  of a node can be promises made by `delay'.

  I'm not sure if these are worthwhile. I did, however, need a common
  base for defining the format made by (texinfo nodal-tree).

(debugging time)
  Simple macro.

(scheme documentation)
  define-docs, define-class-with-docs, etc. Lightweight.

(texinfo html)
(texinfo indexing)
(texinfo nodal-tree)
(texinfo plain-text)
(texinfo reflection)
  The first is a texinfo->sxml parser. The second outputs the "stexinfo"
  to HTML. The third generates an index for an stexinfo document, and
  the fourth chunks an stexinfo document into pieces. The fifth renders
  stexinfo to plain text, like info does, and the sixth generates
  stexinfo docs for generic scheme objects and modules (as described in
  the literate programming article).

  I might keep some common code in (texinfo), and move the parser to
  (texinfo parse). Then (texinfo serialize) would write out texinfo, so
  that TeX can handle print output, or (god forbid) info output.

(sxml simple)
  Convenience routines for parsing and serializing XML.

Modules I packaged:

  Man, I went round and round with this one. First I had it as
  (sxml pragmatic), then (sxml htmlprag), but really, since it's its own
  package, it needs to be at toplevel. But the author was smart enough
  to know this, and already packaged it up for guile as (htmlprag). 
  Should I then remove it from guile-lib, since they have the same name?
  Or should I keep it here, because presumably distribution of guile-lib
  is larger than distribution of the guile version of htmlprag?

(sxml ssax) "";
(sxml xpath) "";
(sxml transform) "";
(sxml apply-templates) "";
(sxml ssax input-parse)
  I asked Oleg about this, and he said this sounded sane. I changed to
  not modify the upstream files, rather loading them up at runtime.
  The SSAX module is up-to-date (v5.1), but the others need help.

  The only interesting thing there is that I renamed the input-parse 
  module from what I had, which was (text lex-simple). Better to keep 
  the coherence of the package.

(debugging assert)
(io string)
  These are also from Oleg, but they seemed small and of general use,
  so I split them out taxonomically. Comments?

  Back from the dead! I used to call this (debugging statprof), but
  of course that's too taxonomic. I hacked on this a bit, so it's
  newer than the version languishing in guile CVS. Sound OK, Rob?

(scheme session)
  Hacks to (ice-9 session) to allow other programs to handle a (help)
  invocation. Used by (texinfo reflection); see the literate programming
  article for details. Would be nice if this made it up to guile.

Any comments on this layout would be greatly appreciated. Especially
interesting would be the take on slib-like code such as (debugging
assert), as well as the presence of htmlprag in the library.

Andy Wingo <address@hidden>

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