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New set of C functions for doing integer conversions

From: Marius Vollmer
Subject: New set of C functions for doing integer conversions
Date: Tue, 03 Aug 2004 19:52:56 +0200
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in CVS HEAD there are now a number of new functions for doing
conversion between SCM values and C integers and doubles.  Also, there
are some new predicates.  A number of old macros and functions have
been deprecated in the process since they are harmful.

Here are the relevant NEWS entries:

* Changes to the C interface

** There is the new notion of 'discouraged' features.

This is a milder form of deprecation.

Things that are discouraged should not be used in new code, but it is
OK to leave them in old code for now.  When a discouraged feature is
used, no warning message is printed like there is for 'deprecated'
features.  Also, things that are merely discouraged are nevertheless
implemented efficiently, while deprecated features can be very slow.

You can omit discouraged features from libguile by configuring it with
the '--disable-discouraged' option.

** A new family of functions for converting between C values and
   Scheme values has been added.

These functions follow a common naming scheme and are designed to be
easier to use, thread-safe and more future-proof than the older

  - int scm_is_* (...)
  These are predicates that return a C boolean: 1 or 0.  Instead of
  SCM_NFALSEP, you can now use scm_is_true, for example.

  - <type> scm_to_<type> (SCM val, ...)

  These are functions that convert a Scheme value into an appropriate
  C value.  For example, you can use scm_to_int to safely convert from
  a SCM to an int.

  - SCM scm_from_<type>) (<type> val, ...)

  These functions convert from a C type to a SCM value; for example,
  scm_from_int for ints.

There is a huge number of these functions, for numbers, strings,
symbols, vectors, etc.  They are documented in the reference manual in
the API section together with the types that they apply to.

** New functions for dealing with complex numbers in C have been added.

The new functions are scm_c_make_rectangular, scm_c_make_polar,
scm_c_real_part, scm_c_imag_part, scm_c_magnitude and scm_c_angle.
They work like scm_make_rectangular etc but take or return doubles

** The function scm_make_complex has been discouraged.

Use scm_c_make_rectangular instead.

** The INUM macros have been deprecated.

A lot of code uses these macros to do general integer conversions,
although they only work correctly with fixnums.  Use the following

  SCM_INUMP             ->  scm_is_integer or similar
  SCM_NINUMP            ->  !scm_is_integer or similar
  SCM_MAKINUM           ->  scm_from_int or similar
  SCM_INUM              ->  scm_to_int or similar

  SCM_VALIDATE_INUM_*   ->  Do not use these, scm_to_int, etc. will
                            do the validating for you.

** The scm_num2<type> and scm_<type>2num functions and scm_make_real
   have been discouraged.

Use the newer scm_to_<type> and scm_from_<type> functions instead for
new code.  The functions have been discouraged since they don't fit
the naming scheme.

** The 'boolean' macros SCM_FALSEP etc have been discouraged.

They have strange names, especially SCM_NFALSEP, and SCM_BOOLP
evaluates its argument twice.  Use scm_is_true, etc. instead for new

** The macro SCM_EQ_P has been discouraged.

Use scm_is_eq for new code, which fits better into the naming

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