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Guile questions

From: Jim Norris
Subject: Guile questions
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2004 14:49:06 -0400 (EDT)
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Hi, I was working on a tool to let someone dynamically link to dlls in
Windows at runtime when I saw Guile. I couldn't tell if Guile had the
features I'm looking for. If it doesn't maybe I could help add them or
find some other way to help out?

Could you guys answer some questions for me please?

Does Guile let you dynamically link to dlls / object library files at run
time without the need for header (*.h) files, *.def files, or *.lib files?
(or the Unix equivalent)

If it does, does Guile automatically load the function names into Guile's
namespace at runtime?

If the funtion names autoload, does Guile have a mechanism for allowing
the user to select which dll's functions are in the name space at any
given time? This is in case two dll's have functions with the same names
and to speed up script interpretation.

Are there any features users are asking for that Guile currently doesn't
have? If so is there a need for someone to work on those?

Does Guile support Forth like stack based parameter passing from the input
script? Would there be an interest in this if it doesn't?

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