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Re: Some introductory docs about C level threading

From: Kevin Ryde
Subject: Re: Some introductory docs about C level threading
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 07:19:22 +1100
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Marius Vollmer <address@hidden> writes:
> Kevin Ryde <address@hidden> writes:
>> You can force load/stores to be exactly as given using `volatile', [...]
> How would that work exactly?  Can we flag each assignment operation as
> volatile, or would the SCM type need to be made volatile?

Volatile marks a variable or a pointer location as possibly changing
mysteriously (other threads in this case), so it'd go on pointers to
SCMs and probably on global SCM vars.  Newly created SCMs wouldn't
need it, they're as yet unknown to other threads.

> Would this be a reason to remove SCM_SMOB_OBJECT_LOC, for example,

Probably not, but an application might need to think about whether it
should use "volatile SCM *" instead of "SCM *".

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