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Re: Problem Implementing EP

From: Zeeshan Ali
Subject: Re: Problem Implementing EP
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 00:40:38 +0500

   Guys i got the answer to both my questions and here it goes:

>    The problem is that i get newlines after each char if the string
> evaluates to a list or string. E.g if the string i evaluate is
> "hello", i get this printed on my port:
>  "
>  h
>  e
>  l
>  l
>  o
>  "
>   And on evaluating '(1 2 3), i get this:
>  (
>  1
>  2
>  3
>  )
>    I just tried replacing the scm_write by scm_display and it fixed
> the problem, but for strings only. i-e on "hello" i get hello printed,
> but the result remains the same for lists. Any clue?

    Well, this turned out to be the problem of xchat print
function(s): they put a newline after each print and when it comes to
a list, you know what happens then :)
>    One more problem is that i can't seem to find an scm_* equivalent
> of gh_eval_str_with_catch. If i am correct to assume that there is
> none, perhaps i'll go for what dsmith proposed: get the code of
> gh_eval_str_with_catch and write one myself and submit it for
> inclusion into the next release?

    Well i simply used scm_internal_catch and it works.

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