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Re: Fetch-and-store for PowerPC... and more!

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: Fetch-and-store for PowerPC... and more!
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 09:29:28 +0100
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Kevin Ryde <address@hidden> writes:

> I think "1:" is a gas-ism, it might not work on aix and macos.  But
> dunno if guile actually runs at all on those systems at the moment.

Well, the GAS documentation doesn't mention any syntax incompatibilities
in the `PPC-Dependent' node, so I don't know whether this is really is a

>> +       : "=&r" (fet)                                \
>> +       : "r" (mem), "r" (sto));                     \
> I think "mem" should be in the outputs too, since it's changed.

I don't think so since `mem', as an address, isn't changed.

However, the Glibc implementation rightfully adds the following list of
clobbered registers:

  : "cr0", "memory"

(`cr0' is being modified by `stwcx.' while `memory' denotes the
reservation bit I guess).

This should be added to the patch I sent.


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