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Urgent need for solution: guile to serve the web (+ python?)

From: Roland Orre
Subject: Urgent need for solution: guile to serve the web (+ python?)
Date: Sat, 02 Apr 2005 14:59:48 +0200

My problem: I have invested a lot of development using the guile API
and am now in urgent need to interface my software with the web.

In python I can easily define a web server to serve my needs
(simple GET and POST including cookie handling and file transfers).
I've set up such a server using examples I found in half an hour.

The easiest now would be to make such a server in guile, but I have
searched for such a server but haven't found anything, does anyone
have any hint about such a solution?

Is there any other way? Like including guile in the apache server.
What is essential is that the guile process with its memory
resident data bases and such is active all the time. I don't
know how to do such a thing with apache though (hints?)

I also need an XML parser, the python xml.sax worked very smoothly
but I guess I may be able to do the same using the SSAX module,
even though there exists no books like "O'Reilly Python & XML"...
which made me implement the XML-processor very quick, but here
I guess I can find examples on the web.

The ideal solution as I see it, would be to include guile as a
module to python, so I can do something like
import guile
guile.eval("(use-modules (bcpnn))")

Any hints? If someone has a working webserver in guile serving
GET, POST, cookies, and file transfers, and want to share that
I would become tremendously happy.

I have worked with scheme programming for 14 years (scm + guile)
but consider python to be the ideal scripting language, on the
other hand I love the scheme style (and I have a lot of C-code
written using guile API).

Ideally python and guile would share the internal data structures
as they fundamentally are using similar type systems, so it shouldn't
be that much of a problem. Anyone having ideas in this direction?

        Best regards

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