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re: CHEEP_WlN_XP (thimble guanidine)

From: Misty Echols
Subject: re: CHEEP_WlN_XP (thimble guanidine)
Date: Thu, 07 Apr 2005 08:12:18 -0400

$49.95 MS W1ndows XP Pr0fessiona1 with SP2
$49.95 MS 0ffice XP Profes10na1
$69.95 MS 0ff1ce 2003 Profes10na1
$59.95 Ab0be Ph0t0sh0p CS 8.0 
$69.95 Ab0be Acr0bat 7.0 Profes10nal
$29.95 S1mantec N0rt0n Antlvlru$ 2005

Enter here:

Best regards,
Cora Mcdonough

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