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Re: problem with srfi-1 when loading from the command line

From: Mike Gran
Subject: Re: problem with srfi-1 when loading from the command line
Date: Sun, 17 Apr 2005 20:10:59 -0700 (PDT)


Tried it out.  I agree that it doesn't work, just as you described.

I was able to verify that the problem isn't in the order that things
are being defined.  The normal "list-index" gets defined first and then
the srfi-1 "list-index" gets defined later.  

Once the guile prompt comes up, "list-index", "map-in-order",
"for-each" and a bunch of other srfi-1 overwritten functions get
un-overwritten for some reason.  Don't know why.  Something about then
environment of the script being different from the environment of the
guile prompt?

Here's a workaround...  Call the following file with "guile -s tmp.scm"
instead of "guile -l tmp.scm"

;; tmp.scm

        (srfi srfi-1)
        (oop goops)
        (ice-9 rdelim)
        (ice-9 pretty-print))


The "scm-style-repl" kicks off a new guile prompt in which the commands
at the prompt have the same environment as the script.  list-index
should then work as expected.

Hope this helps.

Mike Gran

> As you can see, the list-index function was not redefined by srfi-1,
> or 
> maybe it was and something that i dont understand is happeing. Any 
> ideas what is going on? All the other definitions that i am using in 
> srfi-1 are in effect. This  happens in guile 1.6.7 and 1.7.1
> thanks
> --rick

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