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Removing breakpoints/debugging stuff from CVS head

From: Neil Jerram
Subject: Removing breakpoints/debugging stuff from CVS head
Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2005 08:59:46 +0100
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Would anyone object if I deleted my work on breakpoints and
debugging-in-Emacs from CVS head?  To be precise, this means deleting:


and backing out some associated changes to ice-9/debugger.scm (+ NEWS, etc).

The reasons are that

- the mainline of this work is now in the separate guile-debugging
project (hosted on Gna!)

- the stuff in CVS is obsolete (with respect to the guile-debugging

- while it is still under development, it's more convenient to keep this
work in a separate project, because it means that I can target
guile-debugging releases at the most recent widely available stable
Guile (instead of trying to squeeze in the work before the next stable
core release).


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