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ANN: SCSS 0.1.1 release and project announcement

From: Julian Graham
Subject: ANN: SCSS 0.1.1 release and project announcement
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 09:05:52 -0400

SCSS is a Scheme module for parsing, querying, and emitting style
information compatible with the W3C Cascading Stylesheets
recommendation. While SCSS does not itself provide any rendering
functionality, it can provide style information to applications and
libraries that do. If used with XML documents produced by SXML or
SDOM, SCSS can accomodate the full range of selector types described
in the W3C recommendation; it can also match simple selectors against
strings when structured document information is not available.

The 0.1.1 development release includes full documentation and mostly
complete querying and parsing support for the full range of CSS
syntax.  See the TODO file included in the documentation for
information on bugs and missing features.

The release can be obtained from the SCSS home page
( or from the SCSS project page on
Savannah (

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