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Guile starting state.

From: R. Clayton
Subject: Guile starting state.
Date: 10 Aug 2005 17:55:34 -0400
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There appears to be a difference between starting guile (1.6.7 on an x86 debian
testing system) with and without -c:

  $ guile
  guile> (match:substring (string-match "[0-9][0-9]" "bla987"))
  guile> ^d

  $ guile -c '(display (match:substring (string-match "[0-9][0-9]" "bla987")))'
  ERROR: Unbound variable: match:substring


What is the explanation for the difference?


  1 the second example can be fixed with

    $ guile -c '(use-modules (ice-9 regex)) (display (match:substring 
(string-match "[0-9][0-9]" "blah987")))'

  2 ~/.guile does not exist for any of these examples.

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