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ttn-pers-scheme 0.43 available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: ttn-pers-scheme 0.43 available
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2005 11:02:29 +0200

release notes:

  prepping for WIKID overhaul...


README excerpt:

  This directory contains ttn's personal scheme library,
  a collection of Guile Scheme code and intervening text
  (-: as well as a maintenance methodology :-).

NEWS excerpt:

  - 0.43 | 2005-08-20
    - Dropped module: (ttn ftw) -- see NEWS 0.30 (2002-08-13) entry
    - Dropped module: (ttn eformat) -- 0.38 (2004-12-03)
    - Dropped module: (ttn gap-buffer) -- 0.37 (2004-08-05)
    - Configuration change
        The "configure" script no longer checks that module (guile-user)
        exports proc `eval-in-module'.  This proc is now accessed via
        loading module (ice-9 gumm).
    - Extension to proc `filtered-files-in-vicinity'
        This proc now takes options, in the form of additional keyword
        flags, that modify the default behavior:
        #:filter-prefixed -- Pass to the filter proc each filename with
                             the directory already prefixed.
        #:collect-nodir -- When the filter proc returns #t, collect the
                           filename without the directory prefix.
        These options encapsulate common post-processing operations and
        can be used singly or together (or omitted entirely).
    - Extension to proc `read-text-db-table'
    - New (ttn read-text-db-table) proc: text-db-table-meta
        The text db table format now can include meta info:
          (meta . META)     ; optional; META is opaque, default #f
          (delim . "\f")
          (fields (NAME1 TYPE1)
                  (NAME2 TYPE2)
        The new object property `text-db-table-config' (procedure with
        setter) can be used to access/modify the META associated with
        the list of records returned by `read-text-db-table'.
    - Extensions to proc `make-listener'
        First arg can now be a list of `bind' arguments, instead of an
        integer.  For backward compatability, an integer is taken to
        specify a TCP/IP port, in which case the family is `AF_INET' and
        the address is `INADDR_ANY'.  For example, these are identical:
        (make-listener 23456)
        (make-listener (list AF_INET INADDR_ANY 23456))
        Here is an example of specifying a socket on the filesystem:
        (make-listener (list AF_UNIX "/tmp/sockfile"))
        Additionally, `make-listener' now accepts keyword option
        #:concurrency with value #:coop-thread, which means dispatch
        each child in its own thread; or #f (the default), which means
        dispatch and wait for each child to finish serially.
    - Extension to `grep' and `grep-matches'
        The flags that modify the default behavior for these procs may
        now be keywords.  (Symbols are ok, too, as before.)
    - New (ttn dirutils) proc: file-newer-than-file?

tarball, expanded dist and other files in dir:

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