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Re: new slib and guile 1.6.7

From: Greg Troxel
Subject: Re: new slib and guile 1.6.7
Date: 28 Oct 2005 09:33:03 -0400
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Do you have replacement content for ice-9 slib that works?  Is it
necessary to export symbols, or to define-module first so that all of
guile.init's symbols are in the global namespace?

With explicit loading of guile.init (and no ice-9 slib), and a
UNIX/unix case fixup in guile.init, I am able to make a catalog and
load modules.  But even after a catalog is created, the existing ice-9
slib fails to load modules.

I believe this should be fixed for 1.6.8; breaking slib breaks

        Greg Troxel <address@hidden>

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