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guile-debugging-0.12 available

From: Neil Jerram
Subject: guile-debugging-0.12 available
Date: Fri, 04 Nov 2005 21:44:06 +0000
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I'm happy to announce release 0.12 of my guile-debugging package,
which includes an Emacs front end for Guile development as well as
various debugging enhancements such as breakpoints.

NEWS for this release is appended below.  I'm keen to work on fixing
any bugs that may exist now, rather than adding many more new
features, so please give this a go if it's useful for you!


Changes in guile-debugging-0.12

* General changes

** FAQ

The distribution now includes an FAQ file, covering installation,
troubleshooting, and various debugging features that people have
mentioned in the past on the Guile mailing list.

* GDS changes

** Tweaking expressions and return values

When used in conjunction with a recent enough Guile, GDS now allows
you to change ("tweak") the Scheme expression that Guile's evaluator
is just about to evaluate, and similarly the return value that Guile
is about to return to the calling frame.  See the FAQ for details.

** Tracing

GDS now supports `tracing' breakpoints as well as `debug' ones (which
are the ones tha cause GDS to pop up the stack).  A `tracing'
breakpoint causes a one line summary of the current evaluator state to
be added to the end of the *GDS Trace* buffer, but does not pause
Guile's execution.  See the FAQ for how to set a tracing breakpoint.

** gds-tutorial.txt included in the distribution

gds-tutorial.txt was omitted by mistake from the 0.11 release
distribution.  It should be present from now on!

* Bug fixes

The following reported problems have been fixed.

** Void variable: gds-client

Seen when executing (require 'gds) with Scheme mode buffers already in

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