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Re: string parsing/preparation for latex

From: Jon Wilson
Subject: Re: string parsing/preparation for latex
Date: Tue, 08 Nov 2005 14:42:29 -0600
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Hi David,
If this LaTeX + guile stuff goes well, might you consider releasing it
separately from guile-gnome?  I think it could be very useful in its
own right.
Is it intended to parse LaTeX, or to create LaTeX?  If create, from
what?  If parse, for what purpose?

Sorry for all the questions.  I've been mentally toying with the idea
of writing a set of macros that take guile mathematical expressions as
input and then output a string which can be cut and pasted into a
LaTeX document in math mode.  So, seeing your post piqued my interest.


(scheme->LaTeX (+ 7 (/ 18 5)))
"7 + \frac{18}{5}"

David Pirotte wrote:
On Mon, 07 Nov 2005 18:34:16 -0600
Jon Wilson <address@hidden> wrote:

Hi David,
This is interesting... Just for the sake of my curiousity, could you describe what project this is for?

Hi John,

I'm writing a little peace of software in guile-gnome, which interface
with postgres for the data repository, and this part is to prepare reports
to be printed


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