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guile-reader 0.2: A Reader Framework for Guile

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: guile-reader 0.2: A Reader Framework for Guile
Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2005 13:24:21 +0100
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Version 0.2 of guile-reader for Guile 1.7 is now available:

The SHA1 sums for these two files are:

  64ba562cd9ea4deeb5045054072a41f712eaa7e6  guile-reader-0.2.tar.gz
  2e2ae7c8ef652b3b72dc841bd614c480c3fa685c  guile-reader-0.2.tar.gz.sig

Documentation is available at:

Guile-reader is a reader creation framework for Guile.  It can be
thought of as an alternative to Guile's built-in reader.  The purpose of
guile-reader is to allow to easily create readers for different variants
of the Scheme/Lisp syntax.  Its design allows to re-use and assemble
various parts of a parser called "token readers".  It comes with a
library of re-usable token readers that can be used to build a Scheme
reader with various extensions.

Additionally, guile-reader aims to improve on Guile's reader sub-system
by allowing for the coexistence of several, potentially incompatible,
readers within a single Guile program.  In particular, it provides a
``confinement'' mechanism that confines changes made via `read-set!' and
`read-hash-extend' to the calling module.

Excerpt from the `NEWS' file:

  * Modified `make-reader' with support for source position recording.

  * New token readers such as: SRFI-30 block comments, SRFI-62 S-exp
    comments, R6RS-like square bracket S-exps, curly-brace S-exps.

  * New high-level API (namely `make-alternate-guile-reader') to create
    Scheme readers.

  * Read extension confinement module: replaces `read-options-interface'
    and `read-hash-extend' with confined variants.

  * Online documentation of token readers and improved documentation.

  * Bug fixes.


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