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From: David Pirotte
Subject: csv.scm
Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2005 12:46:36 +0100

Hello Neil,


        - I have temporarily commented out csv->sxml to be able to use
          your code from within guile-1.6.7-1 on debian distro

a small exemple (few lines) is ok, but the attached example cvs file
which is still small but bigger (1937 lines) leads to a stack-overflow

the file is in ISO-8859-1, but I don't think it's the problem? I tested
smaller exemples in ISO-8859-1 and they were ok?

        ;; cvs test
        (use-modules (ice-9 syncase))
        (load "csv.scm")

        (define make-pharos-csv-reader
        '((separator-chars            . (#\,))
        (strip-leading-whitespace?  . #t)
        (strip-trailing-whitespace? . #t))))

        (define next-row
        (make-pharos-csv-reader (open-input-file "ancia.csv")))
        ;; EOF

guile> (load "tests.scm")
guile> (next-row)
ERROR: Stack overflow
ABORT: (stack-overflow)

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