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Re: mod_lisp for guile

From: Neil Jerram
Subject: Re: mod_lisp for guile
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2005 10:18:34 +0000
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Alan Grover <address@hidden> writes:

> Could you talk a little bit more about the "select with other stuff"
> pattern? What kind of stuff?

Yes, here are two examples.

1. In gds-server.scm in guile-debugging, I have a process that needs
   to accept both TCP connections from Guile client processes, and
   protocol instructions on its standard input from Emacs.  So I
   manage all this by selecting on (i) standard input, (ii) the TCP
   server socket, (iii) all the TCP connection sockets.

2. In another project X, I have an instance of X which acts as a
   central management point for several other instances of X, and
   which can itself be controlled through a web interface.  The
   central X handles all its possible inputs by selecting on both the
   web server socket and the sockets to the other Xs.

Do these help?  Please let me know if they're not clear enough.

I might be able to avoid these selects by using threads, but I've
acquired a preference for doing things this way.  In my experience
threads are more difficult to debug, and their implementation across
platforms is patchy.


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