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From: Ken Raeburn
Subject: emacs+guile
Date: Tue, 3 Jan 2006 06:36:37 -0500

Some of you may remember the guile-emacs project I started on years ago. I let it slide a bit when other things got in the way, but the last year or so I've been putting some work into it again.

I've got a source tree tracking the Emacs CVS sources which can be configured to use Guile for the basic object representation, some of the allocation, etc. It's got a simple Scheme evaluation mode, too, which shouldn't be hard to enhance a bit. ("ism" looks remarkably similar to "ielm"....) Lisp and Scheme can't really talk to each other very well yet, though.

The Guile library is not unexec-friendly, so this version has to have the unexec part of the Emacs build disabled. There are some glaring but probably not difficult problems which I think may derive largely from this (non-tty startup doesn't work; "make bootstrap" doesn't work), but I'm working on them. In a terminal frame, the basics seem to work -- I can run dired and shell mode, and font-lock mode colors a C source file on a color xterm. I haven't stress-tested it, and probably won't until I get X and/or Carbon display working, but at the moment, while I know of a few things that don't work, and a lot of Scheme-Lisp-interface type things people might eventually want that aren't there yet, I'm currently not aware of any other serious problems. Well, as long as you don't count the code quality in a few places... :-)

If you'd like to play with it, see guilemacs/ -- the current state is described there, and there's a link to source to download. (No public repository at the moment, sorry.) Let me know what you think, send patches, etc.


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