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Re: Guile for Maemo / Nokia 770

From: Zeeshan Ali
Subject: Re: Guile for Maemo / Nokia 770
Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2006 17:31:24 +0200


> > I don't rememeber needing to install anything other than what was
> > already installed by sb/maemo but it was a few months ago and i can
> > be wrong.
> Were you building 1.6, or 1.7/CVS?

   IIRC, it was 1.7. I really need to do it again to be sure on what happend.

> Oh, that's nice, I didn't think of that.  How do you make the normal
> Debian .debs install to the right location, though?  Presumably the
> Debian .debs install with prefix /usr, and I thought that Maemo
> required some odd prefix like /var/lib/install?

   If you use the application installer, yes! I didn't use the
application installer to install the packages so there was no problem
at all. Thanks for pointing this out, i think this might produce some

> (Also, if the Debian .debs work out of the box, why did you try to
> build in scratchbox, out of interest?)

   The same reason you aske the question, 'curiosity' :)

> Please let me and the list know if you make progress on this, so that
> we don't duplicate effort.

    Yeah sure!


Zeeshan Ali

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