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Using Guile in a wxWidgets app

From: John Steele Scott
Subject: Using Guile in a wxWidgets app
Date: Sun, 05 Feb 2006 10:26:16 +1030
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I have written a small piece about embedding Guile in wxWidgets GUI program.
You can read it at:

Does anyone have any comments about it?

In particular, I would appreciate feedback on the way I have wrapped the
wxWidgets MessageBox() function. I used symbols instead of ORing bits for
the modifier parameter, so that 
(message-box "Really quit?" "Quit?" 'yes/no 'question)
is equivalent to
wxMessageBox("Really quit?", "Quit?", wxYES_NO|wxICON_QUESTION).

Also, in my MyFrame::OnQuit method, I create a variable in the Guile world,
and then look it up again after calling the hook. Is this really necessary,
or can I somehow bind *quit-do-close* directly to a SCM in
MyFrame::OnQuit's stack frame, which Guile will modify directly, removing
the need for the call to scm_variable_ref(scm_c_lookup("*quit-do-close*"))?



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