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Guile-PG 0.30 available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: Guile-PG 0.30 available
Date: Tue, 04 Apr 2006 14:24:17 +0200

release notes:

  lots of fun new stuff to play w/...


README excerpt:

  Guile-PG is a collection of modules for Guile allowing access to
  the PostgreSQL RDBMS from Scheme programs.
  The low-level module `(database postgres)' provides an almost
  one-to-one correspondence with the PostgreSQL "libpq" C library
  interface.  Other higher-level modules, typically named
  `(database postgres-FOO)', provide abstractions and convenience
  This is alpha code (pre 1.0 release).  It has bugs, and the
  interfaces may change from version to version.

NEWS excerpt:

  - 0.30 | 2006-04-04
    - Expiration date extended for opaque string support
        Opaque string support in modules (database postgres-table) and
        (database postgres-qcons) will be removed after 2006-12-31; DO
        NOT rely on it.  This represents a consolidation of disparate
        expiration dates, including the one announced in NEWS below for
        Guile-PG 0.26 (2005-02-24).  The lack of central announcement
        (comments in the source and documentation don't count) caused
        some confusion -- sorry about that.
        Generally, the replacement for opaque strings is some kind of
        form that either is a prefix-style expression or includes one.
        Note: such expressions do not preclude strings, only opaque
        ones.  See "Query Construction" in the manual for details.
        Here are the areas that will be affected (i.e., where you will
        want to avoid opaque strings and instead use prefix-style exprs):
        - module (database postgres-table)
          - `pgtable-manger' and `pgtable-worker' commands
            - #:select (both OUTSPEC and REST-CLAUSES)
            - #:update-col and #:delete-rows WHERE-CONDITION
          - EXPR in `compile-outspec' DEFS
        - module (database postgres-qcons) proc `make-SELECT/COLS-tree'
          - specifically, EXPR in COLS
          - other procs that call `make-SELECT/COLS-tree'
            - `make-SELECT/FROM/COLS-tree'
            - `parse+make-SELECT-tree'
    - Expiration date extended for `pgtable-manager' "data commands"
        Similar to parts of the opaque string support (above), the
        expiration for `pgtable-manager' "data commands" (i.e.,
        #:table-name, #:defs and #:pgdb, all which return a non-
        procedure value), was mentioned in source and documentation
        but not in NEWS.  So now here it is (with an extension).
        These commands will be removed after 2006-12-31; DO NOT rely on
        them.  Instead, you can use the #:k command specifying, with a
        keyword, the info you'd like returned: #:table-name, #:col-defs
        or #:connection, respectively.  For example:
        (define M (pgtable-manager ...))
        (eq? (M #:defs)                 ; old way
             ((M #:k) #:col-defs))      ; new way
        => #t
        The following example shows the contrast w/ `pgtable-worker',
        which never accepted "data commands" anyway:
        (define W (pgtable-worker ...))
        (eq? (W #:k #:col-defs)
             ((M #:k) #:col-defs))
        => #t
    - New support for keyword args in module (database postgres-qcons)
        Previously, it was not possible to straightforwardly (without
        bletcherous `sql-pre' strings) render SQL with keywords in the
        args, such as:
        substring ('gnufoo' FROM position ('foo' IN 'gnufoo'))
        Now, this can be done with the prefix-style expression:
        (substring "gnufoo" #:FROM (position "foo" #:IN "gnufoo"))
        Along with this, `qcons-declare!' now handles a new category:
        #:keyword-args-ok, and the manual lists the handful of functions
        for which this declaration is builtin.
    - New stuff for `pgtable-manager' (and by extension `pgtable-worker')
      - Support for NULL
        You can now use the keyword #:NULL to specify NULL as the value
        to insert into a table, or to update a column.
      - New command: #:update-col-alist
        This is like #:update-col, except that the COLS and DATA are
        specified as a single alist arg, not separately.
    - New (database postgres) procs
        The following procs are associated with the `PQPROTOCOLVERSION'
        feature in the `pg-guile-pg-loaded' return value.  Note that
        this is in contrast to the one-to-one correspondance between
        feature and libpq function for previous Guile-PG releases.
      - pg-protocol-version
      - pg-transaction-status
      - pg-parameter-status
      - pg-set-error-verbosity
      - pg-result-error-field
      - pg-ftable
      - pg-ftablecol
      - pg-fformat
        These adhere closely to the C functions in the libpq interface.
        Here is a table listing the functions and their behavior for
        installations prior to PostgreSQL 7.4.
        libpq func            behavior: do nothing and return
         PQprotocolVersion     2
         PQtransactionStatus   #:unknown
         PQparameterStatus     #f
         PQsetErrorVerbosity   #:default
         PQresultErrorField    #f
         PQftable              #f
         PQftablecol           #f
         PQfformat             #f
      - pg-put-copy-data
      - pg-put-copy-end
      - pg-get-copy-data
        These have a simplified, "more Schemey", interface.  They cannot
        be used when connected to a "Protocol 2.0" (PostgreSQL 7.3.x and
        prior) server.
      - pg-exec-params
      - pg-exec-prepared
      - pg-send-query-params
      - pg-send-query-prepared
        These have a simplified, "more Schemey", interface, and some
        serious (though provisionary) restrictions.  They cannot be used
        when connected to a "Protocol 2.0" (PostgreSQL 7.3.x and prior)
        server.  See new section "Parameters" in the manual for details.
    - Tested against PostgreSQL 7.4.12 and Guile
    - Maintenance uses GNU Automake 1.9.6

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