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alloca bug

From: Jon Wilson
Subject: alloca bug
Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2006 11:56:49 -0600
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So it looks like the blob in libguile/eval.c (lines 40-56) from the autoconf manual to define alloca doesn't work on BSD systems. This is in guile 1.8.1.

In the subdirectory libguile:
eval.c includes __scm.h
__scm.h includes scmconfig.h

scmconfig.h seems to only be created while make all is running (try make scmconfig after ../configure). However, on my system, and Gopi's FreeBSD system as well, scmconfig.h includes <stdlib.h>. So, indirectly, eval.c includes <stdlib.h>, and does so prior to the autoconf alloca blob. Since <stdlib.h> defines alloca (in some cases), the blob redefines alloca. Is this something we need to fix (by not including <stdlib.h> I would suppose) or is it something that we toss into the autoconf people's court?

If this message would more properly go on the guile developers mailing list, could someone who is a member of that list please forward it for me?

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