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Re: guile-debugging and breakpoints

From: Neil Jerram
Subject: Re: guile-debugging and breakpoints
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2006 02:29:48 +0000
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Volkan YAZICI <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi,

Hi, and sorry for taking so long to respond to your emails about

> [I've some questions about guile-debugging package and because of I
> couldn't find a suitable place to ask, I decided to post them in here.
> I hope it's ok.]

Here is fine, because (i) there isn't a more specific list for
guile-debugging (ii) guile-debugging is planned to become part of core
Guile (iii) it is likely to be of interest to Guile users in general.

> While executing an s-exp with some breakpoints, everything goes
> fine. But after I finish the execution and want to re-execute the code
> with same breakpoints, this time gds just returns the result. It doesn't
> pop-up a stack window for stepping as it did previously. Has anybody
> ever experienced a similar problem? How can I fix this?

No, I haven't experienced this.  Can you provide more details so I can
try to reproduce it?

> BTW, I think, requirement of a region to set/delete a breakpoint is
> quite inconvenient. Therefore I've written two small emacs functions
> which sets/deletes the breakpoint in the backward-up-list. (At least
> it's better than manually searching with (search-forwards "(") as
> current guile-debugging does.) I attached them with the post, in case of
> anybody would be interested in.

Thanks, I'll take a look at the patch.  Conceptually, however, the
issue is how this would interact with the existing behaviour of C-x
SPC when there is no region, namely to set a breakpoint on the
procedure whose definition contains point.  Do you have any suggestion
for that?

> guile-debugging is an awesome project. I hope its development won't stop
> and be as stable/functional as guile.

Thanks; it's an ongoing project, as far as I'm concerned.


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