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ANN: Guile-RPC 0.0, an ONC RPC Implementation for Guile

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: ANN: Guile-RPC 0.0, an ONC RPC Implementation for Guile
Date: Sun, 04 Mar 2007 18:47:12 +0100
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Hi again,

I am pleased to announce version 0.0 of Guile-RPC:

The SHA-1 sum for this file is:

  e35448f4f4cb9a581295335af137b4fde21c8624  guile-rpc-0.0.tar.gz

Documentation is visible at:

Guile-RPC is an LGPL'd implementation of the ONC RPC---"Open Network
Computing" Remote Procedure Call---and XDR---External Data
Representation---standards, as defined in RFC 1831 and RFC 4506,
respectively.  It allows the implementation of programs ("clients") that
invoke procedures of other programs ("servers"), possibly located on
remote machines.  A well-known use of this protocol is NFS (the Network
File System).

Guile-RPC is implemented entirely in Scheme, making use of
`guile-r6rs-libs' for binary I/O.  It lacks a compiler for the XDR/RPC
languages (the standard languages used to describe data types and RPC
interfaces).  Nevertheless, it should hopefully be easy to write XDR and
RPC interface definitions using Guile-RPC's APIs.  Another limitation is
that it currently only implements the null authentication flavor.  It
would certainly be useful to eventually implement `AUTH_UNIX', at least.

Feedback would be welcome, notably regarding the APIs, as well as
patches.  Also, I'd happily offer a beer to the first one who implements
an NFS server in Guile Scheme.  ;-)


PS: Next (on-going) project: GnuTLS bindings.  :-)

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