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[Scheme Steering Committee announcements] R6RS Ratified

From: Mitchell Wand
Subject: [Scheme Steering Committee announcements] R6RS Ratified
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2007 10:54:15 -0400

According to the Scheme Charter, at the end of the review process, the
Steering Committee could choose either to finalize the submitted draft
or to restart the review process. In order to be sure that the new
revised Scheme standard enjoyed wide support among the Scheme
community, the Steering Committee adopted a procedure in which there
would be a vote on the question of whether the draft should be
ratified, and they agreed to be bound by the results of that vote.

112 people registered to vote on the question. 102 of those electors
cast their ballots before the poll closed on 12 August 2007. 67
electors voted to ratify draft 5.97 as R6RS. 35 electors were opposed
to ratification. Thus 65.7% of those who voted, voted in favor of
ratification. This is more than the 60% required for ratification.

The Steering Committee therefore ratifies the draft numbered 5.97 as
the official "Revised6 Report on the Algorithmic Language Scheme". The
Editors are directed to prepare the final text of the document,
correcting only minor errata.

The final record of the ratification vote can be found at (Additional
correspondence received after the poll closed will be published

---The Scheme Language Steering Committee:
    Alan Bawden
    Guy Steele
    Mitch Wand

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