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Guile available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: Guile available
Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2007 00:05:12 +0200

release notes:

  bugfix + more static.


NEWS excerpt:

  - | 2007-09-22
    - bugfix: scan-md-module handles new ABI more robustly
        Previously, the module ABI (introduced with Guile
        would not be recognized in the case where objdump(1) decides to
        actually disassemble "data" (as requested by scan-md-module).
        Now, scan-md-module requests full section hexdump and no longer
        requests disassebly.  This is slower but less error-prone.
    - new EXPERIMENTAL member to scm_smob_descriptor: tcset
    - new EXPERIMENTAL member to scm_module_initspec: smobs
        More precisely, the smob descriptor now has `long int *tcset'
        and the module initspec has `scm_smob_descriptor *smobs'.
        Together, these extend the module ABI to allow fully-declarative
        specification of smob types required by the module.  Outside
        this particular context, you can convert, for example:
        long foo = scm_make_smob_type ("foo", 0);
        scm_set_smob_mark (foo, mark_foo);
        scm_set_smob_print (foo, print_foo);
        long foo;
        scm_smob_descriptor s =
          { "foo", 0, mark_foo, NULL, print_foo, NULL, &foo };
        *s.tcset = scm_make_smob_type_mfpe
          (, s.size, s.mark,, s.print, s.equalp);
        Feel the table-driven power!
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