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[1.9.0] guile-config issue

From: Scott Rallya
Subject: [1.9.0] guile-config issue
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 08:28:15 -0400


            I just compiled the latest CVS source and am having a few issues with guile-config. I went into the example-smob directory and tried to run the Makefile, but got a bunch of linker errors regarding undefined references to various functions, such as scm_shell, scm_boot_guile, and a bunch of others as well. However, if I were to manually compile the files myself using "gcc image-type.c myguile.c -o myguile -lguile" it compiles and links successfully. If, however, I do the same thing from the command line and replace "-lguile" with `guile-config link`, it fails. The strange thing is running "guile-config link" from the command line generates the string of libraries that I need to link against. It seems like its just not adding that string of libraries to link to. I was wondering if anyone has had this issue, if its something on my end or something that could be messed up with my installed version of guile-config. Thanks in advance for the help

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