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Re: Clean Guile code from C program

From: Jose Martin
Subject: Re: Clean Guile code from C program
Date: Sat, 8 Mar 2008 15:10:34 -0500 (EST)

> I'd be interested to hear a bit more, though, about what the program

> is, how it came to use Guile until now, and why you are interested 

> now in taking Guile out.

Thanks guys for the helpful advice.

Neil, the program is developed for experiments in research in linguistics. It's 
unknown to me how it came to use Guile. The program has to be used from a Guile 
prompt, using predefined Guile scripts. 

I don't have any negative opinion about Guile for not using it. I need to 
integrate the program as library in a larger program, and I'd prefer to 
directly access the functions in the C code. A second reason to remove Guile is 
that other people will continue to work on this code, and it's a bit difficult  
to understand what it does having mixed Guile into the C/C++ code.

I'd prefer the approach that creates a separate wrapper file with the interface 
functions to access C/C++, which I think it's what SWIG does to create the 
interface with Guile. 



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