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Re: ttn-pers-scheme & ttn-do

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: Re: ttn-pers-scheme & ttn-do
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2008 08:35:00 +0100
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() Sebastian Tennant <address@hidden>
() Tue, 18 Mar 2008 22:20:15 +0200

    checking if (guile-user) exports `close-all-fdes-except'... no
    configure: error: module (guile-user) does not export
    close-all-fdes-except; required

   Something to do with dynamic linking and/or compiled code?  I know
   that much from the reference manual, although 'guile-user' isn't in
   the index (perhaps it should be)....

That func is available in Guile 1.4.x, an amicable fork of Guile:

I will amend that page's README blurb in the next week or so to include
my hopes about a merging of selected Guile 1.4.x features into Guile
latest.  Perhaps `close-all-fdes-except' will be one of those features,
but i doubt it...

   is 'not found on this server'.

Perhaps a transient error (NFS, blech).  Please try again.

   Happily swotting up on some ttn-pers-scheme-0.50 source code in the
   mean time :-)

That stuff is retired; frankly, i rolled the 0.50 release so that i
could do "make install uninstall" w/ it.  In info node "Future", there
are pointers to better-maintained (if not better-written, heh) code.
(Gist: ttn-do is where the churn is, now.)


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