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Re: Loading mixp-0.4 in guile-1.6.8

From: Bruce Carleton
Subject: Re: Loading mixp-0.4 in guile-1.6.8
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2008 14:47:16 -0700
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Thanks for the patch. I'll test out your suggestions tonight. I'll post my outcome to the list.

Best regards,


Neil Jerram wrote:
Neil Jerram <address@hidden> writes:

The boot-9.scm patch below (which I have not tested) should fix this;

FWIW, I've done a basic test of this patch now, so will commit to
1.6.x CVS.  We have no current plans for another 1.6.x release,
though, because we believe you should be able to upgrade painlessly to
1.8.x.  If that's not the case, let us know, and we'll see what we can
do about it.


--- boot-9.scm  8 Dec 2006 20:37:40 -0000
+++ boot-9.scm  25 Mar 2008 21:15:32 -0000
@@ -1768,9 +1768,9 @@
             (let* ((interface-args (cadr kws))
                    (interface (apply resolve-interface interface-args)))
               (and (eq? (car kws) #:use-syntax)
-                   (or (symbol? (car interface-args))
+                   (or (symbol? (caar interface-args))
                        (error "invalid module name for use-syntax"
-                              interface-args))
+                              (car interface-args)))
                     (module-ref interface (car

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