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Re: scheme -> (X)HTML

From: Paul Emsley
Subject: Re: scheme -> (X)HTML
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 17:41:15 +0100
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Julian Graham wrote:
On Tue, Mar 25, 2008 at 3:37 PM, Paul Emsley <address@hidden> wrote:

 Dear Guilers,

 I have in mind to write a little script that makes a web page about the state 
 various files.

 I'd like to use some schemey way of doing this.  s-expression -> HTML perhaps.

 What is the thinking guile-user's way of approaching this?

Hi Paul,

There are several good tools out there for doing this: Oleg Kiselyov
has written a Scheme-based port of SAX called SSAX [1] that can read
and emit S-expressions in a format he calls SXML.  It's available for
Guile as part of Andy Wingo's guile-lib [2].  For permissive HTML
parsing, Neil Van Dyke has written HtmlPrag [3].  And if you're
interested in a more DOM-based approach, I've got a module called SDOM

Hope that helps!



Hi Julian,

Thank you and others for replying to my query.

I looked at [1] and [2] in your list - I didn't want to parse XML - not yet anyway.

Trying [1] I found that Oleg made me jump through hoops with his idiosyncratically organised web pages. That put me off a bit. When I tried his code, it was not clear to me where the output was going. So I tried [2]. I ended up using [2] because I like reading Andy Wingo's blog and
it just worked out of the box anyway.

It was such fun! I've not quasiquoted so deeply before. I'm still tinkering with the script - I use
it to see how my hetrogeneous overnight builds got on.

code here:
results here:

(Incidentally, the FC3 build seems to fail because guile-gtk-2.1 fails to build (it fails in make, not configure. Is guile-gtk-2.1 supposed to work on gtk+-2.4? ... not completely the right place to
ask, I guess).

I have a question about the output. How do I put line breaks into the generated text? All on one
line is fine for my browser - but makes it hard to eyeball the HTML.

After I wrote it (and saw how concise the sxml translator was), I though "so what's all the fuss about PHP?" One of the major things, perhaps, is the generation of images in-line. So I thought "couldn't guile+sxml do something similar making SVGs on the fly?" Is that being quietly coded up by someone? Making a few graphs on the fly shouldn't be so hard, should it? In fact, I was
even thinking of doing it myself :)



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