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[ann] guile-clutter 0.7.6 released

From: Andy Wingo
Subject: [ann] guile-clutter 0.7.6 released
Date: Thu, 03 Jul 2008 18:29:36 +0200
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RELEASE file attached:

Ahoy texture blitters,

Clutter is the new hotness! And yes, you can hack it from Scheme!
Voici the first release of Guile-Clutter, targeted against Clutter SVN,
version 0.7.6.

guile-clutter 0.7.6 may be downloaded from:

About Guile-Clutter

Guile-Clutter is a binding between Guile Scheme and the Clutter graphics
library. It lets you hack neat 3D things from Scheme.

This release is sortof a preview, in a sense -- Clutter is slated to
start a new stable series in a few days, the 0.8 series, and this one
will only work against a limited subset of versions of Clutter --
revision 2959 from SVN, to be precise. But for those impatient wielders
of parentheses, this release should whet the appetite.

Check the most minimal documentation here:

Perhaps that documentation will improve before 0.8, but still, on a
function-by-function basis, it's pretty good, and does have an index.

You'll need guile-gnome-platform 2.16.1 to build this one.


First post!


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