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Re: SOS: Simple Object System

From: Maciek Godek
Subject: Re: SOS: Simple Object System
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2008 19:17:38 +0200

2008/9/25 David Séverin <address@hidden>:

>> (or at least that's what the most people think. CLOS is rarely used
>> compared to C++ and Java -- can you explain why?)
> also because people in command sometimes have fear to take their
> responsability: here in Rio de Janeiro, 2 years ago, at PUC University, the
> scheme course has been canceled [for ever] because ... students didn't
> want to be  teached scheme anymore ?!?
>        so, 18 years old kids now decide what they should be teached at
>        university level ... and guess what they 'quasy all' want ...
> this leads to a very 'dangerous' standardization of computer technique skills
> available at industrial level, lack of creativity [creativity is the rule, not
> the execption, but people need to be motivated and teached to trust themselves
> they are creative, and in our field, computer science, scheme is [also but can
> not be reduced to this only off course] an excellent creativity trigger.

The difference between, say, C and lisp is that C is intended for programming
computers, and lisp is a notation for programming in general (you don't have
any implicit memory model -- conversely, lambda calculus is probably the most
universal way to express algorithm). This is visible when you compare "Structure
and Interpretation.." or "How to design programs" to "The C
Programming Language"
-- it seems that schemers are aware that programs are present not only inside of
computers, but wherever some sort of control is.

On the other hand, people prefer braces and infix notation to express computer
programs -- probably because it's the notation they got used to on their math

> in my original town in Belgium, Ouindoze offered [24 years ago] that the
> operating system course at university be based on their system [fortunatly 
> this
> was refused] then they would offer the material and licenses ... so that
> 'people would already be ready to work when quitting university' and would not
> need training when they start working ... blabla cost effective for the
> society ... blabla blablabla

:] Yes, that's a clever way to utilize public money.
(And that's funny about software that it really costs nothing to give you this
license). I'd love to complain on the actions of microsoft and praise
greatness of
freebsd, but it's not the proper place :(

> it's like wine: big companies purchased small ones, private small wine
> producer, and converted the taste of the small producer to the standard taste,
> result: you here in the population, that the wine is good if it taste like the
> others [and they now and since may years already change the taste chemically]

standardized men drinking only corporate wine and programming standardized
applications in java, having their lives perfectly predicted before
they were even born.

let's not drink for them :)

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