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Re: guile-db

From: Linas Vepstas
Subject: Re: guile-db
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2008 14:15:21 -0500

2008/10/15 Sebastian Tennant <address@hidden>:
> Quoth "Linas Vepstas" <address@hidden>:
>> Dunno. However, fyi, I'm maintaining guile-dbi, which wraps
>> postgres and mysql.
> Do you happen to know how guile-dbi's postgres wrapping compare with
> guile-pg, feature-wise?

Dunno. guile-dbi provides just enough to run generic SQL
statements, and get back records, one at a time, as alists.
Nothing more.

I have not tried anything aside from this (e.g. no idea of
what happens if you ask it to list all tables, or if you try
to use BLOBs, or access tables where one of the columns
is of type 'money', or one of the dozens of date/time types,


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