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Re: guile-db

From: Sebastian Tennant
Subject: Re: guile-db
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2008 19:59:40 +0000
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Quoth "Linas Vepstas" <address@hidden>:
> 2008/10/15 Sebastian Tennant <address@hidden>:
>> Quoth "Linas Vepstas" <address@hidden>:
>>> Dunno. However, fyi, I'm maintaining guile-dbi, which wraps
>>> postgres and mysql.
>> Do you happen to know how guile-dbi's postgres wrapping compare with
>> guile-pg, feature-wise?
> Dunno. guile-dbi provides just enough to run generic SQL
> statements, and get back records, one at a time, as alists.
> Nothing more.
> I have not tried anything aside from this (e.g. no idea of
> what happens if you ask it to list all tables, or if you try
> to use BLOBs, or access tables where one of the columns
> is of type 'money', or one of the dozens of date/time types,
> etc.)

guile-pg is definitely more feature-full in that case. and ttn's
guile-1.4 compatible guile-pg is much more fetaure-full than the
guile-1.6 compatible guile-pg generally available through distros.

If anyone is interested in porting and maintaining ttn's guile-pg so
that it's compatible with guile-1.8 and upwards, in return for bounties,
please contact me off-list.


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