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Re: guile-db

From: Greg Troxel
Subject: Re: guile-db
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2008 08:40:11 -0400
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Sebastian Tennant <address@hidden> writes:

>> Yes, this needs to be done, but there is quite a bit more work that
>> has to happen.
>> The C code uses features and interfaces from Guile 1.4 that are
>> deprecated in 1.6 and completely removed in 1.8.  You just can't
>> compile and link the C code against a 1.8 Guile.
> Thanks Dale.  I felt certain that it wasn't as straight forward as Greg
> suggests, having a vague memory of reading an earlier thread in which
> this was diuscussed.

OK - I thought I had made this work at some point, but it may have been on 1.6

>> I think you are referring to guile-pg 0.07 
> I'm referring to whichever guile-pg you get when you issue the command
> 'apt-get install guile-pg' on a stock Debian box.

Sorry, but that means you don't know Which version it is.

>> The sourceforge version appears to be vanishing.
> The 'sourceforge version'?

There are two places where one can actually get guile-pg.  Here, I am
ignoring "distributions".  At some point, guile-pg was put on
sourceforge, and had version 0.07.  It was at a URL that looked like

and the project page is at

The date on the README is July, 2000.

Then, Thien-Thi Nguyen (ttn) took over maintenance from Ian Grant, I
believe with Ian's blessing.  The first ttn release was 0.08 on
2002-12-11.  His code is available at the following URL, and you can see
that it is still actively maintained, with a release last May:

I believe that ttn tried to get sourceforge to point to his page as the
successor, but that they won't do that.  Hence the continuing confusion.

>> I switched pkgsrc to ttn's version long ago.
> Please can you clarify what you mean by this? Are you saying there's a
> Debian package of ttn's guile-pg?

I am the maintainer of the databases/guile-pg in pkgsrc, which is a
multi-system packaging system originally from NetBSD.  pkgsrc is
described at:
Long ago, databases/guile-pg was tracking the 0.07 version available on
sourceforge.  I changed it to use ttn's guile-pg.

I do not have any idea about Debian packages.  I would say that if
Debian is tracking 0.07 they are behind and probably should switch - it
has been 8 years.  But I don't know if the 0.07 version works with 1.8.

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