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dynamic module creation

From: Julian Graham
Subject: dynamic module creation
Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2009 02:58:36 -0500

Hi Guilers,

Is there a way to create a module at runtime and evaluate expressions
in it using a dynamically-created set of module imports?  I want to do
something along the lines of:

  (lambda ()
    (define-module (my-dynamic-module-name)
      #:use-module (a-module-i-decided-to-include-at-runtime)

...except `define-module' doesn't like being called from anywhere
except the top level.  I also tried `resolve-module', the
documentation for which says:

 Find the module named NAME and return it.  When it has not already
 been defined, try to auto-load it.  When it can't be found that way
 either, create an empty module.

This works as advertised -- it really does create an empty module, but
it's completely empty: No core Scheme syntax, not even any syntactic
sugar like '@ to help you get at stuff from the core.  It's an utterly
blank environment.  Is there some way to get the module-creation
behavior of `resolve-module' but also be able to include stuff from
other modules in the resulting environment?


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