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Re: Greg testing framework

From: Paul Emsley
Subject: Re: Greg testing framework
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 2009 12:51:50 +0000
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Ludovic Courtès wrote:

Paul Emsley <address@hidden> writes:

However, Greg is great.

This is Greg's Home:

I made some fixes that didn't make it into stable release, I get the
fixed up Greg from here:

What's the maintainance status?  It it sill used in GNUstep or other
projects?  It looks much nicer than DejaGNU...

I'm afraid that I can't be of much help - I don't know in what way GNUstep uses Greg (however, I use it almost every day). **Maurizio Boriani is the maintainer (his email address is in the README file), but he **does not correspond with me.

As for DejaGNU vs Greg... tcl vs guile?  Night and day... no contest!


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