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sc-expand on syntax-case form

From: Julian Graham
Subject: sc-expand on syntax-case form
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2009 20:13:09 -0500

Hi Guilers,

Is sc-expand in `(ice-9 syncase)' supposed to be able to expand the
syntax-case form?  When I try to run it on an expression that includes
a syntax-case form that looks like:

  (syntax-case foo () ... )

...I get "invalid syntax ()", presumably because () isn't valid Scheme
syntax outside of some well-known special forms -- does this style of
syntax-case need to be added to sc-expand's list of acceptable syntax?
 PLT's version of the syntax-case expander (`expand') doesn't seem to
have any trouble with this.  For what it's worth, in Guile:

  (sc-expand '(lambda () (quote ())))


  (lambda () (quote ()))


  (sc-expand '(let () (quote ())))


  (quote ())

That last one strikes me as a little weird.


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