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Re: mod_lisp for apache?

From: Paul Emsley
Subject: Re: mod_lisp for apache?
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2009 21:28:28 +0100
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Paul Emsley wrote:

Knowing next to nothing about it, I thought I'd try out using guile with apache/mod_lisp for educational purposes.

I can't find documentation/tutorials for this - even the fractal concept page is broken/out of date - however I did find that you can get mod_lisp.xx.c from here:

I am struggling to compile mod_lisp.c with apache 2.2, if you've done it, I appreciate some pointers.

If/when I get this working, I will write it up. (Yes, I realise that this may be "the wrong list" but I didn't want too get to involved with apache if I could avoid it).

Sigh... (replying to my own post, sorry about that).

I now notice they  have an svn repo:

and that mod_lisp2.c compiles out the box.



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