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Re: SCM_SUBSTRP in guile 1.8.6

From: Didier Godefroy
Subject: Re: SCM_SUBSTRP in guile 1.8.6
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 2009 18:16:54 +0200
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on 4/25/09 5:47 PM, Mike Gran at address@hidden uttered the following:

> On Sat, 2009-04-25 at 17:27 +0200, Didier Godefroy wrote:

>> After installing a patched up guile 1.8.6 and trying to compile autogen
>> 5.9.7 it seems an old issue is popping up.
>> So SCM_SUBSTRP and a few others would've been deprecated and removed from
>> recent guile versions. This prevents compiling autogen.
>> I saw something about SCM_DEBUG_DEPRECATED but can't make head or tails of
>> it.
>> What would be an appropriate fix for this?

> This is more likely to do with what you mentioned in the previous e-mail
> about autogen thinking you were running Guile 1.4.  Autogen is smart
> enough to know not to use SCM_SUBSTRP for Guile-1.8.x.
> So maybe the real quesion is probably why would Autogen think you are
> running Guile-1.4.
> Autogen probably gets its idea about the version of guile by running a
> script called guile-config (or sometime pkg-config)
> Try running "guile-config --version".  If it exists, it should report
> the version of guile you are using.  If it doesn't report the version of
> guile that you are using, and it is returning 1.4.x, you probably have
> an old version in your path.  Maybe you installed two versions of guile
> (like in both /usr and /usr/local or /var or whatever) and the 1.4
> version of guile-config is winning.

You were quite right.
I never thought about this because I know I never installed guile before on
that system, I could never get it to compile fully. But now I think what may
have happened is that it may have been installed as part of a bunch of open
source packages that were first installed on that machine close to 10years
ago and I never knew I had that there.
It must've been done that way because it looks like it was a binary install,
with the guile-config and other programs in /usr/local/bin and only some of
the libraries in /usr/local/lib but no header files were there. And it was
indeed version 1.4 so although I had installed the new guile in its own
sandbox and I was pointing specifically to it for configure, the flag set in
configure wasn't pointing to the guile-config in that private location but
rather to that old one in the path in /usr/local/bin, so it was using the
right guile but reading the wrong version from that old guile-config.

So I was able to get a full compile of autogen, although some tests fail on
it, at least now it compiles.

This experience might help someone else having this issue, now that it's on
the mailing list, google will pick it up. I didn't find such a hint

Thanks much,

Didier Godefroy

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