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Re: handling key-press events

From: tantalum
Subject: Re: handling key-press events
Date: Mon, 18 May 2009 21:19:22 +0200
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I am sorry, I forgot to write that I am using guile-gnome-platform 2.16.1.

If it should also work with guile-gnome-platform,
I am missing something.

there is no "gdk-event-keyval" procedure, having
(oop goops)
(gnome gobject)
(gnome gtk)

exact error message:
ERROR: Unbound variable: gdk-event-keyval

thanks for your help!


tantalum wrote:
> Hi,
> Can anyone show me with a little code snippet, how to
> check for a specific key pressed with a key-press-event? I could not
> find the answer myself.

    (gtk-signal-connect entry "key-press-event"
            (lambda (event)
              (if (= 65293 (gdk-event-keyval event)) ; GDK_Return
                (handle-your-string entry)
                (gtk-widget-destroy window)))

I don't know that the keysyms are available at the guile level - I had to
translate from gdkkeysyms.h :)


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