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Re: char-set-contains? and #<eof>

From: No Itisnt
Subject: Re: char-set-contains? and #<eof>
Date: Fri, 28 May 2010 15:52:00 -0500

R5RS specifies that character predicates should return #f, and Guile's
character predicates are implemented in terms of char-set-contains?
R6RS says the same for char-set-contains?

The reason it bothers me is because it makes it cumbersome to deal
with input from a port. Case in point:

> $ grep "(and (not (eof-object\?" -R module
> module/sxml/upstream/SSAX.scm:                 (and (not (eof-object? c)) 
> (char-alphabetic? c) c)) port)))
> module/language/elisp/lexer.scm:  (and (not (eof-object? tested))
> module/language/ecmascript/tokenize.scm:  (and (not (eof-object? c))
> module/language/ecmascript/tokenize.scm:              (cond ((and (not 
> (eof-object? c)) (char-numeric? c))
> module/language/ecmascript/tokenize.scm:            (cond ((and (not 
> (eof-object? c)) (char-numeric? c))
> module/system/repl/repl.scm:        (if (and (not (eof-object? ch)) 
> (char-whitespace? ch))

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